Coral Warr

Coral Warr 1Associate Professor Coral Warr


Coral’s research interests are in cellular and developmental genetics, with a focus on how cells respond to signals from their environment. Her group studies the fruit fly, Drosophila melanogaster, as it is a fantastic model organism for studying how genes function in cells and during development.

Coral completed both Honours and a PhD in Genetics at the University of Melbourne, where she worked on the fly visual system. She then undertook postdoctoral studies at Yale University in the USA where she was a joint first author of two ground-breaking studies that uncovered the gene families encoding receptors involved in olfaction and taste in Drosophila.

Coral joined Monash in 2001 as a lecturer and is now an Associate Professor in Genetics and the Associate Dean Research for the Faculty of Science.


Teaching contributions:


Coordinator and lecturer in GEN2041 Foundations of Genetics

Co-coordinator and lecturer in BIO1011 Biology I

Lecturer in GEN3030 Cellular and Developmental Genetics

Lecturer and Coordinator in BMS2042 Human Genetics


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